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thousand flocking stars
they look beyond the sky
for the limits to dissappear ...

Dhruv Aryan

Coming from the princely town named Gondal, Gujarat, India has kept me always curious for whats next, what is this magical world made up of? and how can I contribute in a meaningful way to the world around me? This lead me to the journey and relationship very deep with machines and technology.

With my father as inspiration and mother as a finest support system I can have, I was able to gain knowledge that helped me invent and bring novel products to market. I am also highly grateful to my older brother Sumit, who instilled in me the qualities of entrepreneurship combined with pragmatic approach towards problem solving.

Over past a decade I have combined my entrepreneurial spirit with the neck of innovation to create products in the field of Human Computer Interaction. My primary research includes in the field of creating novel interfaces, holography and social computing. Several of my research work has received recognition & accolades both nationally and internationally. My lifelong vision is to Humanize Technology and to bring Human factors into every technology and innovation that I design.

Research and Interests
  • Social Computing
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Holography
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Yoga (Specifically Ashtang Yog by Maharishi Patanjali)
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Exploring new cultures
Past and Current Associations

Currently, I have cofounded and running two companies called H Plus Technologies and Cela Technologies. Apart from this, I spend time with young budding entrepreneurs to help them bring their innovation to market. Recently I have been part of mentorship program at VR AR association.

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  • Apart from that I have been carrying out workshops and talks at various institutes such as IIT, Kanpurs department for Intearction Design & IIT Guwahati in India and has been giving several keynotes and speeches at notable conferences around the world such as Tencent, China.

Want to get in touch?

Send me an e-mail over at hello@dhruvaryan.com

thousand flocking birds
for they look for the freedom
for they look for the infinite sky...


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Want to get in touch?

Send me an e-mail over at hello@dhruvaryan.com

For the natures wonder
for the source of swarm intelligence
they look for dimensions to be dissolved ...